This is what I have done to my car to achieve 174hp on motor and 250hp with the button.

This is before the motor swap. The white metal plate has 2 MSD-6A boxes hanging underneath it.

This is now, after the swap. It was raining and I needed to use the last picture. :)

Here:s a list of my modifications:

The Block : Jasper Engines did the bottom end, and I'm redoing it.

The Head and Uppers : Stock head, I did most of the mods to it and the rest of the topside too.

The Trans : Ameraparts Transmissions did the work that Jasper wouldn't.

The Ignition : Ride The Lightning.

Fuel System : Delivering the wet stuff.

Other Stuff : Exhaust and all the rest of the little stuff.

Suspension : Feel the road. Hard.

Interior : Interior? What's that?

Misc : Other stuff related to my car.

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