Pics on the way

I needed to replace the stock fuel pump with a high pressure pump for the MPFI. I figured I might as well loose the gas tank, for less weight and because thats where I wanted the exhaust to run.

The Mallory FPR in the one you see in Summit, part# MAA-4309. It's the three port one. It's adjustable from 3-65 psi. I keep mine at 55 psi. Stock is 41-47 psi. Need the extra pressure for nitrous. I bought a 1/2 NPT tap and threaded the FPR into the spot where the stock one bolts up. I then used a 1/2 NPT male union and attached it to the end intake.

The fuel pump is a direct replacement with fuel level sender good for 80 psi@ 40 gph. It's mounted in the fuel cell in my trunk.

The fuel cell is a Summit Drag cell, part# SUM-290102. It holds 12 gallons, the stock gas tank is a 13.6 gallon tank. It sits backwards in the car because the sump in it is too low for the fuel pump to reach. It's lighter than the stock gas tank, so I save weight.

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