Pics on the way

Rapidfire plugs kick ass. I use #6's to be exact. Now be careful when you buy 'em. There are 2 versions now. The old style has the fluted (grooved) center electrode. That one comes in a box that has red lettering. The new style is a smooth curved center electrode. This one has blue lettering. I like the old style better. The cuts in the electrode produce a fuller spark. I have tested both on a spark machine I built. I've tested about every plug on the market with it, the only ones I liked were the Rapidfires and the Bosch Platinum +4's. I wont use the Bosch's because sometimes platinum and nitrous dont like each other, and I dont feel like finding out if they like each other in my engine. If they dont I'm out big money. Dont ask how much, just know it's too damn much.

MSD Digital DIS-2 box. I need this for the higher compression ratio(approx. 10.2 to 1), the nitrous, and because I plan on installing a turbo in the spring. I can use the box to retard my ignition for better use of the nitrous. 2 degrees retard is just enough. Also, when you have this many mods you need a good strong spark to keep everything moving in the right direction.

ACCEL 8.8 wires kick butt, I've always used them. Buy an 8 cyl box, part# 8032 and have a backup set.

The coils go with the box and the wires. I forget the part# for 'em, I'll find out. MSD makes it spark, the coils make the spark bigger. Cyl. 1 and 4 are wired in parallel, as are 2 and 3. One time I took a wire off while it was running and it was shooting a constant spark 7 inches long to the alt bracket. And it was bright blue, meaning it was a strong spark and it could have gone plenty farther if it needed to.

I bypassed the stock ignition switch since it was getting flaky on me. I built a switch panel that controls just about everything in the car. Main power switch, individual switches for all the vehicle systems, nitrous controls, cooling fan switch, 2nd stage rev limiter, and push button starter. Here's a few pics from the work bench, I'll get some in car pics eventually.

The front panel.

The front panel hooked up to the power supply, being tested.

This is a top view looking down on the wiring and relays hooked to it, that are crammed into the dash.

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