Pics on the way

The exhaust was fun. It's a 2 inch downpipe to '89 2 1/4" Z24 extension pipe to "high-flow" cat to about a foot of 2 1/4" then up to 2 1/2" stright back and over then rear sub frame then out the driver's side. The muffler is a Flowtech Terminator. It's got a pretty good sound to it, a little quiet, but I like that because ya keep people guessing what you have. When I get the turbo in the spring the entire system will be 2 1/2" from the turbo back. Probably 2 1/2" or 2 1/4" from the manifold to the turbo inlet, depends on how much room I can squeze out the the engine compartment for all the extra piping.

The vacuum canister is from Summit, part# SUM-G1464. I need it so that I still have good brakes with such a wacky cam. I can run without it, but the brakes aren't as good.

Power steering robs 5-10 hp. I gutted the pump so it spins on bearings only now. The pressure and returns lines from the rack are run together. Hey...ya need all the hp you can get with a 4 cyl.

The trans cooler is the biggest you can get for a heavy duty truck. I need it for the stall converter I have and to keep the trans cool and efficient.

"High-flow" cat. You figure it out.

Aftermarket cooling fan pumps 50% more air when running for cooler engine.

Hmmm, anti-sway bar??? But it's not a Z24. Heh heh. A few years ago i was in an accident that bent the rear sub-frame all to shit. The body shop that fixed it said that all they could find was a Z24 sub-frame for it. Let me tell ya, I was REAL disappointed in that. ;)

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