Jasper Engines took a '91 2.2L block, bored specificly to .040(1mm) over. New oversized forged pistons were then installed. They than polished and sort of balanced the crank. I say sort of, because they said they didnt do that to 4 cyl cranks, but they would see what they could do. They balanced it better than it was, just not perfect, but better. All new bearings were installed to finish the job. And now, after I blew hte rings in #2 cylinder, I'm redoing everything on the bottom myself. 10:1 forged aluminum pistons, HD rods, HD rings, and new bearings. There in and its runnning good now.

I needed a good cam. I did some research and calling and got Dema Elgin's number. He's the founder of Elgin Cams. He cuts cams for NHRA, SCCA, IHRA, NASCAR, and more. We discussed my needs and options and we came up with my cam. These are the specs - .423" lift @ valve; 272 duration both lobes; 110 degree lobe centerline; 52 degrees overlap; installed straight up. After I blew the rings out of the motor, I sent the cam out to California to be touched up since metal went through the motor. The cam was returned and I put it back in with the pistons. She runs great now.

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