Pics on the way

I did some work for someone I used to know a few years back on his '97 Z24. He bought new wheels and ave me his stockers. I think they look good as shit on my car. If I ever get new wheels I want to get a set of Epic Morphins. See them here.

This is what my car would look like with them on.

The suspension has been stiffened and lowered up front. I cut the stock springs and them clamped them more for a 4" drop up front. The rear springs have spacers and clamps in them, so that it's stiff, but at the same ride height. This transfers weight to the front and keeps the weight there when I launch. I usually can control wheelspin fairly well when it happens. I'm looking to adapt 3rd Gen coilovers to my car, so that I can adjust as nessescary. I'll let ya know if I can get them to work.

I installed poly-eurethane bushings on the front sway bar. It's like night and day compared to the stock rubber bushings. The car handles so much better now. I also shortened the links bolts 3/4" to further tighten the suspension up.

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