The Daily (or not so daily) Log

7/13/2001 - Working on the site and watching Friday The 13th Part 6. This is a new thing I'll be doing whenever I have some news about my Cavy. Right now Im waiting for my new 10:1 forged aluminum pistons and HD connecting rods to get done. JB Auto Machine is fitting them up full floater style. And the big cam is out in California getting freshened up. Besides that, I finally got my racing seat mounted, though I have to mess with it, since I mounted it a little too far forward. I should be able to get the 5 point harness installed next week. I finally bought a camcorder for recording races and such. I'm going to fabricate an in-car mount for it within the next couple weeks. Shortly you should see some links of movies. Dont ask when, just know that they are coming soon. This summer has been a time of rebuilding the car and getting things straightened out. Hopefully I'll get things done soon before the damn cold hits again. But, worse comes to worse, thats why I bought a bottle heater, for winter racing. Anyway, thats about it for now. Keep checking in. -Mike

8/28/2001 - Finally back online. I've updated some things and added a media section. YES, it has the "burnout" vid on it. :) The bash was totally kick ass. Can't wait for next year. I should actually be done with this car by then. Then starts the next one. Top secret shit going on there. Just a hint tho, should be the fastest streetable Cavy ever.

9/13/2001 - Well, we all know what happened this Tuesday. America was attacked by terrorists and many lives have been lost. It is horrible how some asshole cowards try to make a point. Everyone that had something to do with this tradegy should be skinned alive and bled to death in public. I ask everyone to show your support in any way you can. Donate blood, send donations, even just talking to someone who is upset about it all. And by sure to fly a flag proudly from your house and/or car. We'll show these bastards that they cant fuck with the United States.

10/5/2001 - Hey people. I'm sitting here sore as hell after having my wisdom teeth yanked last night. Hmmm, not much going on with the car. I just passed emissions, last week, I talked them into doing a tailpipe test instead of using the treadmill. So, no cat, no EGR, sensors tweaked out, fuel pressure cranked, and I still made it through.

10/25/2001 - Just to let everyone know I should be having more updates by November 15th. Updates on local meets and events, adding more of my friend's cars, organize and add more links, and by then I may have my lastest engine swap of my bud's car on here. Hopefully I'll have more media added as well.

12/12/2001 - Working on some minor updates. And emailed me with a special for anyone that go to their site from this page and mentions they came from here, %10 off. Good stuff, take a look.

12/27/2001 - Well, my car got broken into Christmas night. They stole my tach and radar detector, ripped the other gauges out and threw them on the ground, broke my oil pressure gauge, ripped the wiring out of my new Autometer air/fuel gauge, and ripped out a lot of the wiring that led to under the hood of the car. I had to run on my backup ingition system till yesterday when i rewired everything i had left back up. I also started installing the BOOYAH alarm i had waiting to be put in. That should be done by this weekend. I ordered a new Autometer gauge from Summit, that should be here by the beginning of next week. Besides that bullshit, I hope everyone had a cool Christmas and has a good New Years. L8rZ

3/3/2002 - Doing a lot of updates to all of Adding a forum and some other updates.

1/15/2004 - Ash, the rigger from Balitmore is an uber cool dewd, even though he cut his hair off.